How to Import a BibTex Library from Mendeley to Jabref

How to efficiently mange references is a question for all people, who read a lot of papers, books, and reports. In general, Mendeley is a good choice. It is almost free, cloud-based, and cross-platform. But, here, I would like to recommend JabRef for people working with LaTeX. JabRef is totally free and cross-based.

Things I like JabRef:

Jabref has quite some advantages over other reference manager softwares:

  • You can use JabRef on Mac, Windows, and Unix as it is Java-based.
  • You can simply package your reference library and put it on another machine. The links between your database and PDF files will be safe.
  • You can synchronise your files through Dropbox or other software.
  • You can directly manage your BibTex file and JabRef will recognise the changes.
  • You can simply insert citations into your LaTeX files.

Import a BibTex library from Mendeley to JabRef:

Enable BibTex syncing in Mendeley. Choose a place to put your BibTex file. Make a copy of your BibTex file and all the PDF files. Then, make a new folder for your Jabref library. Put the BibTex file and PDF files into the folder.

How to enable Bibtex sync in Mendeley

Install JabRef from here: JabRef

Configure path for PDF files

Configure path for your PDF files. Just put a dot in Main file directory, Main PDF directory, and Main PS directory as shown in the figure. Then JabRef will try to look up the PDF files where you save the BitTex file.

How to configure path to PDF files

Use Sublime or similar tools to open the BibTex file. You need to change the full path to relative path.

How to modify the path to the PDF file in Bibtex file through Sublime

Finally, Use JabRef to open the BibTex file as a new database. You will find that all your citation are kept with correct links to your PDF files.

That is it.